Loyal German Shepherds

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German Shepherd Dogs were established in 1899, at Karlsruhe Germany, by Captain Max von Stephanitz (the father of the breed). By careful breeding, using selected animals and keeping only the very best, they brought into being the breed known as the German Shepherd Dog or Deutsche Schafernunde. 

The German Shepherd Dog is an aloof, gentle and loving dog. It's desire to please humans is legendary---making it a top obedience competitor and a first-rate companion dog for adults and children . The German Shepherd Dog has been among the top ten breeds in the US for more than a decade. 

German Shepherd Dogs enjoy being trained and the earlier the better before behavior problems develop. Basic obedience training will make your dog a better companion. They are people dogs and need to be with you as much as possible, they just want to do whatever you are doing.  A GSD will become attached to the whole family as they see the family members as their pack and who ever is in charge of the dog needs to be Top Dog. He will then look up to you and be willing to please. They are very protective and gentle when needed. 

Early socialization will avoid many problems that could become difficult to deal with. The more they are taken places, exposed to other dogs of all breeds, different people and other animals the better dog they will become. 

Please research the German Shepherd Dog breed to make sure it will be suitable for your life style and family.