Loyal German Shepherds

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Prince's Page

Prince is our second in command of studs here at Loyal German Shepherds. He is six years old and in excellent health. He has an excellent temperament and is an all round good dog. 
His pedigree speaks for itself with his sire being Mitch V. Busecker Schloss Walker, who was a Michigan State Police dog. His ancestors are from the boarder patrol working dogs of West Germany and Czechoslovakia. 
 He has sired three litters with Raven and three with Karma and all their pups have been phenomenal. He tends to put out mostly solid blacks with Raven as she is also solid black, but once in a while he'll put out a black and red or bi-color. This holds true with Karma as well. He has recently been bred with our new Dam Shiloh and I know their pups will be exceptional as well.